·       Have you been told you have an autoimmune condition but there is no cure, only symptom management?

·       Do you have chronic joint pain which limits your ability to exercise, garden, travel?

·       Have you experienced unexplained weight gain and you can’t lose it no matter how hard you try?

·       Are you sick of feeling tired all the time?

·       Are you frustrated by doctors only treating the symptoms with more medications and never looking for the root cause?

Dr. Allen’s 16-week Personalized Medicine Program helps people just like you regain their health, ideal weight and reduce their pain!  With a comprehensive evaluation and specialized testing, each client’s plan is developed based on their unique genetics, hormones, food sensitivities, etc.  A personalized eating/exercise plan, supplementation and lifestyle modifications will help you get back to your AMAZING SELF in 16 weeks!

Interested in learning more, click this link for a detailed outline of this program:  Dr. Allen's 16-week Personalized Medicine Program


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