Ready to Overcome autoimmunity and regain your health? We serve clients all over the US and Mexico with our online functional medicine program

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  • Have an Autoimmune condition that causes you to have chronic pain, feel tired all the time, headaches, brain fog?

  • Looking for someone who is willing to look past a diagnosis to find the root cause of your problems?

  • Tired of going to 8 different specialized each looking at a separate system of your body but not willing to see how all the systems are impacting one another?

At The Center for Holistic Healing, we offer a comprehensive online Functional Medicine program where we seek to address the underlying causes of your injury or disease with a personalized, systematic, mind-body approach empowering our patients to achieve the highest level of health and wellness. Looking past the diagnosis to find the root cause and learning how your lifestyle, diet, gut health, hormones, etc. can impact your condition

Dr. Allen’s Overcome Autoimmunity - Regain Your Health TM helps people just like you regain their health, ideal weight and reduce their pain!  With an in depth intake process and specialized testing, each client’s plan is developed based on their unique genetics, hormones, food sensitivities, etc.  A personalized eating/exercise plan, supplementation and lifestyle modifications will help you get back to your AMAZING SELF!

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