Looking for a different approach to Physical Therapy, yoga as medicine or a group yoga class? Look no further! we have been proudly serving the louisville/Oldham county area for 6 years.

At the center for holistic healing, we offer integrative physical therapy fused with medical therapeutic yoga/Ayurvedic interventions, manual therapy, breathwork, aromatherapy, as well as anti-inflammatory eating & Living education.

group yoga classes? We offer a variety of classes for all levels taught by highly skilled instructors.

Have a chronic or Autoimmune condition & looking to find the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms? we have an online functional medicine program helping clients across the US and Mexico overcome Autoimmunity & other chronic illnesses & regain their health.

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apply for a free functional medicine breakthrough call with dr. lesley allen:

If you would like to dive into your chronic issues and discuss a step by step action plan that could help you regain your health so you can start living your best life, then this call is for you!

Note: This 15 min call is not for PT and yoga inquires. Call the office if you have any questions regarding those services.

The aim of yoga is to calm the chaos of conflicting impulses and thoughts.
— Patanjali
Dr. Lesley Allen's personal journey that led her to open The Center for Holistic Healing.

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