Our Treatment Approach:


At The Center for Holistic Healing, you will be looked at as a unique and "whole" being and an individualized plan will be created to allow optimal healing.  The ultimate goal for each client is to reach a state of unity where the mind, body and spirit are peacefully balanced and quality of life is restored.  Placing the emphasis on self healing will empower you and allow you to walk away with the self-confidence and knowledge to maintain this balance independently to ensure life long changes.

  • Our sessions begin with a guided meditation to allow your mind to begin to calm so you can be fully present during your treatment session.

  • We utilize yoga postures and pre-postures as a form of ther ex.

  • We end with manual therapy and massage to allow you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.

  • We believe in SLOW MEDICINE. You will receive a 1 hour session 1 on 1 with a Physical Therapist.