PYT Wellness Yoga Classes  - Must pay and register for all classes prior to attending

These classes are perfect for students of all ages, all body types and all levels of yoga experience. Props, such as Mexican blankets, blocks and straps are incorporated into each class to allow improved safety and performance with appropriate technique. Each student will learn proper body alignment and spinal neutral with all asanas to ensure you are maximizing all therapeutic effects of yoga and minimizing your risk of suffering from a yoga injury.  Even experienced yogis will find these classes challenging as the asanas are broken down for improved subtle body awareness and core stabilization. The Wellness yoga therapy series builds on the breathwork and asanas with increasing difficulty based from the PYT Method.   Specific principles, such as arm spirals, TATD breath, and spinal neutral, will be taught in all classes.  Evidence based education and cues regarding subtle body awareness and appropriate anatomical alignment within "pre-asanas" will be abundant then applied to the typical asanas and transitions. It will be necessary to get up and down from your yoga mat with ease in each of these classes. 

  • PYT Gentle Yoga - Application of Professional Yoga Therapy applied to gentle postures and pre-asanas.  This class is designed for those with some yoga experience who are looking for a slower paced yoga class.  Also great for those who may have a chronic condition but pain is well controlled.  

  • PYT Intermediate Yoga for Wellness - Intermediate and advanced postures and flows are performed for improved alignment and safety.  This class is designed for intermediate or advanced yogi's for Wellness.  

1 class ~ $23

booking provided by Healthie

6 class pass ~ $120

booking provided by Healthie