Integrative Physical Therapy & Ayurvedic Evaluation $160

A comprehensive evaluation will be performed and a unique treatment plan will be developed based on the Pentagon of Wellness (a biopsychosocial model) Conceptual Model to address the mind, body and spirit.  The Pentagon of Wellness is made up of 5 sheaths: Physical, Energetic, Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual. The World Organization and The Institute of Medicine both support the use of this patient-centered approach as a way to provide the most efficient and cost-effective method when addressing pain.  Each system of the body will be addressed using all 5 sheaths of this model:  musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neuroendocrine, and reproductive/Women's Health.  An Ayurvedic Dosha and Guna screen will be performed so recommendations for nutrition, pranayama (breathwork), asanas (posture), mudras, chromotherapy, sound therapy and aromatherapy can be personalized based on your doshic constitution to restore balance of the tridoshas and harmony within your Inner Self.  Your individualized treatment plan will focus on your personal goals.   If you would like to utilize insurance for your Physical Therapy services, but would also like an Ayurveda assessment included, please note the Ayurvedic assessment would require a cash based charge of $60 (this service is not covered by insurance).  Please click on Your First Visit for more information to help you prepare for your first visit. 

*Auto insurance and PIP plans - $235 for the Evaluation


Physical Therapy session -  1 hour session - $100

Once an individualized treatment plan is established, each session will consist of direct one-on-one interactions with the same Physical Therapist throughout the course of care.  Each session will be progressed or re-adjusted to ensure that your needs are being met and optimal outcomes are reached.  During the session, performance of an individualized exercise prescription will be designed based on your Ayurvedic dosha (if you chose to have an Ayurvedic evaluation) and/or the findings from your evaluation.  The sessions will include breathwork, yoga asanas, therapeutic sequences, mudras, and aromatherapy.  Manual therapy, including myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations/manipulations, and trigger point release will be performed as indicated.

*Auto Insurance & PIP plans - $220/visit

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