Welcome to The Center for Holistic Healing (CHH) where Functional Medicine & Physical Therapy are fused with Medical Therapeutic Yoga for a “whole” person approach to healing and wellness with outstanding results. Whether you are suffering from an acute injury, chronic pain, or would like to perform wellness classes for the prevention of injury and disease, CHH offers a variety of services to meet your needs.  Dr. Lesley Allen, PT, PYT, Founder and Owner of this facility, has made it her mission to create a gracious space to inspire healing on a whole new level. 

Perhaps you have noticed how our healthcare system has failed you with the management of your chronic illness and you are headed down a dark path of disease and dysfunction?  Or you have multiple joints that hurt along with chronic fatigue and headaches, but PT will only address one joint at a time?  You can let go of your fear and frustration with our current "Disease-care" system, know that we take a different approach at CHH.

Services offered at CHH:

  • Private Physical Therapy services

  • Functional Medicine Services

  • Prenatal-Postnatal Care - Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (pelvic Girdle pain, pubic symphysis, diastitis recti, SIJ pain, SUI, etc), high risk pregnancy, Labor & Delivery positioning, and exercising safely while pregnant.

  • Group Therapeutic Yoga classes for the management of specific health conditions

  • Group Yoga Wellness classes to perform yoga safely in order to improve their health, prevent injuries, and minimize risk of disease.

All Physical Therapy appointments are held in a private setting with Dr. Allen.  She will see the patient from initial evaluation to discharge.  All medical therapeutic yoga class are small groups taught by Dr. Allen as well so that each pose can be modified according to individual needs. 

 For the Group Wellness PYT classes:  Everyone is welcome, no matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.  For beginners, especially those that have tried yoga classes before and felt lost or intimidated, education over body mechanics, pre-postures and postures is abundant.  For those more experienced yogis, PYT specific principles (TATD breath, arm spirals, emphasis placed on disassociation of specific muscles) will be taught which will improve the safety of your current practice to minimize your risk of injury and increased stability within the poses to perhaps progress your practice when it has plateaued.  With the welcoming and judgment free atmosphere, all body types are welcome.  Because class sizes are small, poses and sequences can be individualized and modified based on each student's needs, condition, or body type.   Each student will be met where they are with their yoga practice.  Together, we grow.