Dr. Lesley Allen, PT, PYT has always had a thirst for knowledge and especially when it comes to the human body and our health.  After receiving her Physical Therapy degree, she could see the limitations of healing with the current medical model and it's disease approach.  She began expanding and integrating her knowledge of healing in a more holistic way with her certification from the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute.  With the application of Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda into her traditional Physical Therapy practice allowed her to bridge the gap that was much needed to optimize patient outcomes.  Patients were thrilled when they realized there were other options than taking a pill to help with their anxiety, depression, chronic pain conditions.



When  Dr. Allen was diagnosed  with autoimmunity, she was failed time and time again by strict western medicine doctors who continuously wanted to prescribe a medication for symptom management.  Aside from much persistence, these doctors were unwilling to even recognize the significance of the underlying autoimmunity and only wanted to treat the resulting diagnoses.  Dr. Allen knew there had to be other options available and this is when she stumbled upon Functional Medicine.  The new wave of medicine!  After a full medical history (beginning from in utero),  genetic testing, a full hormone panel, assessment of micronutrients and macronutrients, liver detox phase 1 and 2, food sensitivity panel, the practitioner was able to confidently unveil the root cause of her autoimmunity and set her up on a pathway to complete remission, health and wellness.  And so, her journey of integrating functional medicine into her practice for the healing of others began.  She knew she had been given this path/journey because this would allow her to improve the functional outcomes of each of her patients.  She enrolled in a functional medicine program and never looked back.  Cheers to the health and wellness that all humans deserve!

Post-Graduate Programs and Certifications:

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy - Bellarmine University
  • Professional Yoga Therapy Certified - includes Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Ayurveda (900 hr certification)
  • Functional Medicine Program
  • APTA Women's Health Advanced courses in high risk pregnancy and postnatal care working toward completion of CAPP-OB certification. 
  • Pelvic Rehab advanced courses
  • APTA Topics in Neurology Course
  • Music and Sound in Medicine
  • Energy Anatomy and Physiology in Medicine
  • Advance studies in Management of chronic illness and function based treatment programs
  • Vestibular rehabilitation specialist
  •  Pharmacology for the complex medical patient
  • Falls prevention 
  • And, many more

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In addition to her passion for her work, Dr. Allen enjoys a simple life.  She is happily married to the love of her life, Christian Allen, and they have three little loves, Reed, Aspen, and Sunny (their beloved 4 legged family member and therapy dog).  She enjoys volunteering at her children's school, cheer coach for her daughter's team and being an active part of all their activities.  She loves to spend time with her extended family and friends.  In addition, she makes time for her personal joys which include organic gardening and cooking, yoga/meditation, music, hiking, camping, and traveling.